Deep Inner Work you can do by Yourself

All the tools, Activation codes, Meditations & Releasing sessions are there. You can now bring yourself back home, everyday from everywhere. 


Masterpiece : Lead Yourself to Divine Mastery

The unfolding of your deepest truth where you'll get to meet your own divine uniqueness.

This is a mythical journey where your power will become your own source of freedom.  -   $1111

Holy Moly, Guacamole... YES !!!!

The Deepness of your Shadow

A 2-hours Masterclass

You’ll now understand the real power of your emotions and how to dive in the depthness of your truth.

You’ll experience the amazing freedom of you wholeness and you’ll never fear again to feel your emotions at its fullest.   -  $222

Yes yes yes ... I want that !

POWER : Guided Conversation with yourself 

A 2-hours Guided Conversation
I'll guide you into seeing every part of you who is holding you back from embodying your real genius.

We are going on a trip at the center of your life where you will discover your true POWER.   -  $111

Ohhhh yes. I want that one !

The Releasing Sessions Ceremony

7 activations codes

This is a deep activation of your DNA coding where we'll release every disqualified energy and call back your divine power.

You will always have with you your releasing session to transition into every new dimension you evolve into.  -  $55

Oh...My... God! YES!

Transformation Humaine (French)

Un processus de révélation pour aller à la rencontre de ta véritable nature.

Un voyage intérieur pour trouver une paix intérieure profonde et ne plus jamais douter de la valeur de ton existence.    -   $2222

Whaaaat?? Ok YES !!!

Masterclass : La Joie de Vivre (French)

2 heures de Masterclass pour Connecter à ton Essence Profonde et reconnecter à la joie en toi.  -  $111

Yep, I want that one!

Masterclass : Les Relations (French)

2 heures de Masterclass pour faire un saut quantique dans tes relations  -  $111

Oh well... that one too!

Masterclass : Money Trauma (French)

2 heures de Masterclass pour te libérer des mémoires collectives ancrées en toi.  -  $111

Ouuuuhhh... That one!!

Bundle - Masterclass (French) !!!!

3 x 2-hours Masterclass 

Ouvre la porte à 3 conversations puissantes qui ont propulsées plus de 1000 âmes dans une nouvelle réalité.

Tu recevras des cahiers d'exercices totalement puissants pour approfondir tes réflexions et incarner les prises de consciences  -  $177

WHAAAAT. Ok deal !!!!


You want to live a Life-Altering experience with me?

Join me in a multidimensional journey into your whole being to unlock your unique sequenced code into your divine genome. You'll unfold your deepest truth through programs, masterminds and meaningful journeys.


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