Fly with me for the next year. 

It's an ever evolving container. A living transmission.

You'll be the first in line to evolve with me. 

You will not only understand how you can quantum leap your life, but you will live it with me. We will collapse time and space together. You'll band dimensions and realities with me. This is first speed evolution, ground changing experience. 

You'll go as fast as I go, as strong as I flow and as deep as I dive!!!

Calibrate your energy to mine and you’ll be transported in new quantum reality.


All my life, I’ve been fighting my genius, not understanding that it was my LEGACY. The way I move, think and understand the world creates powerful masterpiece. 


I’m always first. I never stop. I’m opening the way for millions of souls on earth to say yes to their true divine identity. 


Now, you’ll get to be in front WITH me. You’ll learn to master your own power. You’ll calibrate and align your energy to your true divine self. You’ll freaking LEAD yourself to FREEDOM. 



You are ready for this. 


It is time for you too to stop fighting who you are and discover the dept of your own genius. You also have a legacy. You also are an incredible and powerful LEADER. You only need to align yourself to this power. 


Like I said. You are ready. The vortex is now open. The vessel is waiting for you. 



»  A one year access to every upcoming program & masterclass throughout the year.

»  You also get exclusive access to the replay and all past programs that are still align with my energy.

Or until the next enrolment of the program if I do decide to run it twice in a year.

»  A high-vibe private Facebook Group with powerful leaders.

»   Every workbooks, worksheets and tools associated with each programs.

»   The (private) after party vibe where you get to clarify, amplify and embody each program with us.

»   Any exclusive and VIP programs that may be added.

»  Intimate calibration to high level energy for an entire year.

Your investment : $9,800 USD 

Or you can get the payment plan for 12 x $980 USD

I choose wholeness ➝ ONE PAYMENT
I’ll fly and play with you ➝ PAYMENT PLAN

Isabelle Lemire

Choosing me was the best decision I have ever made. Roxy propelled me to the highest heights. In one year, I changed my finances (I had to ask for a loan to pay the program and now I am a 6 figures earner!!!) by stepping IN my true leadership. My career changed and now I get to change the world too.

My personal life, my relationships have so much evolved. I am now so connected to my true self. I moved into a new city and I am now living my best life. Roxy is showing you a way to look inside that will activate you in a way you didn’t even know possible. You’ll get to the next level of your life.

I promise you, changing your life can be quick and easy. It all depends on how you position yourself towards your big dreams. My wish for you is to choose yourself and create an empire worthy of your greatest achievements.

Renelle Jean

I entered a new chapter in my life the second I spoke to Roxy. All my life, I believed that I was not sufficient, not worth it, that I did not have the power to create my dream life. That I was born to have a comfortable life, and nothing more.

But, like I swear, the second I met Roxy, my reality shifted 100%. I entered the elite world, I stepped in the big league. I now taste this vibration of power and abundance all the time. A new world exist for me.

The door of infinite possibilities is now open. I am confident in my absolute power and now I’m paving the way for expansion, the great, the mighty evolution. Roxy helped me amplify my light with exponential power.

Ge Imbeault

Before meeting Roxy, I felt that something was missing in my life, but I didn't know what it was! I had a limited quality of life due to my health! I didn’t know myself. My life was based on others. I was stressed and filled with fears all the time!

Now everything has changed! I quit my job for the past 15 years! I am now self-employed and I am thriving doing my work! I know my value and I recognize my true potential!

I allow myself to do things that literally bring me so much joy. I think about myself, I take the time to listen to my inner guidance and I do things that I love everyday! My relationship with my family and loved ones has totally changed! I feel safe to be me! I shine and I rise. There is no going back for me now.

Deep down, you know you came here for this.


  For this experience.  For this freedom.


I love you. I see you.