Bring yourself back home where you trully belong 

1. Deep Inner Work you can do by Yourself

All the tools, Activation codes, Meditations & Releasing sessions are there. You can now bring yourself back home, everyday from everywhere. 

Can't wait to start this journey!

2. Life-altering experiences with Me

It's a multidimensional journey into your whole being to unlock your unique sequenced code into your divine genome. You'll unfold your deepest truth through programs, masterminds and meaningful journeys. 

I want to unfold my deepest truth!



Roxy is a healer who masters the art of quantum creation. She helps human touch the depth of their truth so they can finally understand the value of their existence. Each human accesses their own magic and can finally calibrate to their own personal power. 

Roxy leads the way for everyone to create powerful relationships with themselves. Their reality transcends into a whole new universe. From the moment you enter this energetic field, your life is forever changed.

PODCAST : Deepness with Roxy Valade

Deep and meaningful conversations where you’ll lead yourself back home. These conversations will act as portal, multidimensional gates, where you’ll remember yourself. The kind of conversation that creates breakthrough and shake the Earth.


*** Coming January 1st.